Planetarium singing bowl therapy

Planetarium Singing Bowl Therapy – Another bridge between the East & West, the sound massage therapy with planets singing bowls is based on a unique combination of the magical, mysterious & harmonic sounds of the Tibetans singing bowls originated in the Himalyas; as well as the scientific western re-search on planet frequencies, planetary movements & orbits. Through advanced technology they have measured the resonance of the bowls.
5-7 Planet singing bowls are used on the body & the effects of the frequencies are connected to the chakras or energy body channels. Eg. The Sun – This sound gives life energy, power & security for transformation, this vibration helps to develop self confidence & will for life, it is very beneficial for hormonal disorders & women with pms.


Produce deep & fast relaxation, Increase body circulation, Decrease tensions & stress, Reduce body aches, headaches, migraines & back pain, Improves digestion,

Gives mental clarity, Creates a feeling of lightness, Supports medical treatment.

How is this treatment practised?
Singing Bowl therapy is 1 hour.

Who’s it for…?
Anyone…who has a desire to retain health & well being through either the dance of two in thai massage, Osteo Thai or through the vibration qualities of Singing Bowl therapy. All the treatments have first physical, emotional, energetic & spiritual sides to them.