Autumn Newsletter 2014

Create Balance this Autumn

Newsletter by Helen Say                                   October 2014

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  • Events, Retreats, Yoga Festivals
  • AMMA in UK
  • Dynamic Thai Massage In London
  • Yoga Teacher Training (Swaha)

AMMA European Tour.  Dont miss the opportunity to meet the hugging Mother as shes known.  She will be in London at the end of Oct, 27, 28, 29th.  There will be great music, great indian food, masala dosa, thali & a hug like no other.  I will be there giving treatments in the therapy area.

Osteothai/ dynamic thai Massage – I will be in London from 23rd until 30th Oct & again in Nov.  If you would like a massage please contact me(+447935697780).  Also watch a beautiful video from my friend & teacher David Lutt to get an idea about Dynamic thai massage.  

Lulyani – Dynamic Thai Massage – Perpetual Movement Poetry
The Yoga Show is at Earls Court Oct this month, 24,25,26th Oct.
Looking for a Yoga Teacher Training (TTC)?
I was invited to Amorgos to share a little with my friends from SWAHA yoga centre during their training & I can honestly say it is a wonderful TTC, I was really impressed. Great Asana based on alignment from Anusara, flows & teaching beginner principles from JIvamukti & philosophy inspired from Sivananda, it is very thorough,  full of love & they share from the heart.  Tanya, Jonni & Evangelos are experienced, fun, creative & full of bhakti. They teach one TTC in Greece in the summer & there maybe one happening in Bali in the spring.  Keep a look out!! 

Om.  Thanks for reading this newsletter.  Below are some upcoming events, including Yoga Retreats in Goa & Turkey, India Yoga Festival & Bhakti Camp also in Goa.
Autumn is the composting cycle of the year, the dormant time to reflect on what you have achieved.  Time to cultivate a sense of completeness, take time to not just tick to do items off the list but acknowledge them. This helps then to cope with the aspects of the mind that tell you your not there yet, not yet happy, not yet fulfilled, you might learn that you are complete just a you are……. More thoughts continue further down…..


Nov 30-8  – Jiva Healing Fasting Retreat, Goa, India. I will be giving treatments on this wonderful retreat.

Dec 21-28  – Christmas Gone Goa, India.Jivamukti & Yoga Say Retreat, Mandrem. Join me & Tanya Popolvich ( for a magical Christmas cleansing the body & mind in Goa.  Book now €580 for 7 nights at Himalaya Yoga Valley resort, Mandrem.  Book flights now, nearest airport Goa. Contact


Jan 09-12  – India Yoga Festival, Goa, India.  Tickets on sale 21st Oct.

Jan 13-18  – Bhakti Camp, Goa, India

May 18-25 – Yoga & Walking Retreat, Turkey.  Join me & Sophie Coats as we return to Faralya Hotel for Yoga & walking retreat on the stunning Lycian Way.  Book by 31st Jan 2015 & receive £50 discount.

Autumn Thoughts………….

Autumn Equinox just passed us, the summer draws to an end and now there are cool mornings & shorter evenings.  It is a time to flow with the rhythms of nature, turning inwards, releasing, letting go, Earthward.  This time is a point of balance & union between the Light & the dark, between Fire & Water, & the Yang & the YIn.     In society today we are encouraged to disconnect from our yin selves, that is the ‘intuitive feeling part of ourselves’.  However, balance of our body, mind and heart can only be maintained if there is harmony with the yin & yang elements of ourselves which create the whole self.

In the Summer the yang elements of ourself dominate. For me the this meant many people, countries, courses…. less practice, more indulgence, less rest & nurturing myself.  Now at this crucial time I’m reminded that Autumn is a time to balance all parts of myself, the known & the unknown, the active & the passive, the outer & inner journey, the seen & unseen, the logical & the intuitive, the conscious & unconscious.  From this place new doors are open, new directions & new possibilities are revealed.

As I often find at the end of the summer, the life as an on the road yogi can loose its appeal a little as my body begins to long to be in one place.  Finding a routine when moving from place, to place, country to country can be difficult until my body just says enough, time to rest.  Just recently I suffered some sever migraines which was a clear sign I needed to rest. This is a wake up call for me to find the balance within moving, teaching, traveling and being sure to take care of myself.  I always remember a poem read to me many years ago by Jane Craggs, its called The Curly Pyjama Letters” by Michael Leving. Click on the link to read the full letter!

Dear Vasco, In response to your question

“what is worth doing and what is worth having?”

I would like to say simply this. It is worth doing nothing and having a rest.

In spite of the difficulty it may cause, you must rest Vasco
– otherwise you will become RESTLESS

Below are some practices I have found help restore & rebalance:-
  • Be Kind to your self, many of us are feeling the after effects of a hectic summer & the change of season & feel very tired. Honor these feelings of being tired, take rest, even if its an afternoon nap.  Read about Vasco (The Curly Pyjama letters) & why you should listen to your body.
  • Add a restorative yoga practice.  Even doing one posture such as Vipariti karani for 10-15 minutes will give you more energy, help deeply rest & restore  body & mind. 
  • Take time to write down the things that you have accomplished instead of moving forward to the next task, the lists never end.  This is a time to congratulate yourself.
  • Sleep Early.
  • You are what you eat.  Eat Vata (Air, Space) balancing foods, pumpkin soup, sweet potatoe, squash, broccoli, leafy greens, grounding healthy grains (Qunioa, brown rice, millet). Use Sesame oil, try putting it on your skin before your shower (a tip from my friend & nutritionist Rebecca (  Eat dhal, lentils, nuts (almonds), tumeric, cumin, coriander, ginger.  Drink lots of warm water & hot lemon ginger. Comforting but healthy food.
  • Try this ‘Leaf Meditation’
Placing your thoughts on a Leaf Meditation
  1. Begin to follow your natural breath & be aware of the gentle rise & fall of the lower abdomen with each in & out breath.
  2. Bring your awareness to any & all thoughts that come into your mind.
  3. Place each thought on a leaf & watch it flow by on a stream.  Any thoughts that come into your mind can be observed, one after another & let go of them by placing each thought on a leaf & watching it float by.
  • Enjoy the change of season, observe the beautiful colours of the leaves & maybe even open your eyes to foraging.  I had the pleasure of foraging in Sark with John Wright from River Cottage. I was surprised how similar to meditation foraging is, being in nature, walking slowing & looking out for mushrooms etc really stills the mental chitter chatter of the mind.
If you made it this far, thanks so much for reading & I hope to see you soon.

Love & light

Helen xxx

There is no place like Om for the holidays – Written by Kendra Thornton

As I have been in Goa with very limited internet access, ive been enjoying time being offline. However its nice that Kendra contacted me to share her ideas and tips about how to maintain your yoga practice during the busy festive season, enjoy.  Hari Om…

There is No Place like Om for the Holidays!


It’s that special time of year again! During this season, the music carries a magical tune, people put pep in their step, and all we can think about is what to buy our friends and family members for Christmas. Although I love all the holidays, Christmas is my favorite because I get to spend so much time with my friends and family. Moreover, a spirit of giving, which makes me grateful to be alive, marks this season!

Many of us have already begun thinking about what comes after Christmas. Yet while you may have begun contemplating things like New Years Resolutions, concentrate on this very moment. For me, staying positive and peaceful in the present moment results from doing yoga. Although I do have a bit of trouble doing my practices during the busy season, it is very important to me. In fact, I have to find time to do yoga because it brings so much peace and joy into my life.

In recognizing how beneficial yoga practice can be for an individual, I have created a list of l tips and tricks that can help you benefit from this great practice. Whether you’ll be doing yoga in your home or while traveling, these strategies can work for you!

1. Music: Because I have three children and am perpetually busy in the house, there are some times when it seems like I never feel peaceful and calm. So when I do my yoga practice, I always enjoy playing some soft music. Doing so enables me to focus, connect, maintain my posture, and breathe correctly. If you’re looking for great “zen relaxation” music, check out Spotify or Pandora.

2. Mood (Aesthetics): To make the most of your yoga practice, be sure to find a quiet space in your home. Once there, be sure to light some candles or dim the lights. This creates the “yoga studio” effect, one in which the mood is marked by a subtle beauty and flair that results from muted light. In addition to candles, I like to keep a few Eastern statues in the vicinity when I do yoga. If you’re interested in statues, you might try a Buddha piece! Some other decorative options you could try include incense burners, mini-indoor fountains, and paper lamps.

3. Hardwoods: When you get ready to start your yoga practice, don’t practice on carpet. Choose a hardwood floor instead. This is the most pleasant and secure type of surface you could utilize. It’s very difficult to find your placement and balance if you attempt to do your yoga moves on a carpet.

4. Travel: If you’re traveling this Christmas, don’t worry about not being able to do your yoga practices. You can always get your ‘Om’ on as a guest in another person’s house. However, you may find it more advantageous to stay in a hotel that features yoga courses. Several years ago, I went on a business trip and stayed in an Orlando hotel with free rooftop yoga classes. This was a great way for me to remain stress-free while on the road.

Kendra Thornton Picture

18 - Mala

The Heart of Barecelona Yoga Conference 2013 David Lutt’s Osteothai Class


The Heart of BYC – For me the grand finale of the Barcelona Yoga Conference this year.

Sunday afternoon and the conference ends with an offering of a prayer of light in the centre of the main hall.  David’s Lutt’s Osteothai class began with explaining embryology and why the heart is so important from conception, to ending the class with a huge beautiful heart of flowers with each person in the room lighting a candle and offering their prayer.   He described how his inspiration for the class came when he arrived at Sunshine House Greece and saw Pau wearing 2013 BYC t.shirt with a Heart on it.

Using Spheres, balloons and a kiss to his beloved (Dau) he expressed clearly the function of the Heart! The guided demo was all focused on the upper body and from the outside to some people it may have looked like not alot would be happening!  However as with all Osteothai techniques, the subtly of the touch combined with the gently rocking movement meant that the effect was super powerful.  The room of people practicing from their heart on the heart allowed for a deep sense of peace to fill the space.  Most people receiving drifting away into a land of bliss.  It was a joy to give such a sweet and powerful sequence and watch your partners breath deepen as their body and mind let go…  Finally it was so beautiful to watch  over 100 people light a candle & place it in the Heart of flowers accompanied by the beautiful sounds of Mischka & Lulu.  My prayer of light went to Babbs & Leigh,  part of the sangha who were with us in spirit & to family suffering from cancer.

A little clip of the joyful end.

As an avid lover of Osteothai I was excited by some new techniques, this is what I love about David his love for the practice means he’s constantly learning, exploring and innovating.  To learn more of this he has created Osteothai for the heart, neck and Crane.  Check out for all the courses.  Or hopefully he will be back at BYC 2014!!  Big Love x

Barcelona Yoga Conference is nearly upon us!

Two blog posts I have written about amazing classes happening at the BYC this coming   weekend (4-8th July).  Its not too late for a trip to Barcelona….???


Geneva Yoga Conference-6363-2

With the BYC less than 3 weeks away you may have looked at the program and thought WOW, who to choose? There are so many wonderfully colourful teachers each expressing what yoga means to them.  Someone you may not know is Zorba the Greek, here is a little about who this teacher is and why you should go for a blessing at his classes!

Three years ago I was at the Sunday night market with the Chiang Mai community in Thailand when I saw a super happy smiley face looking back at me.  This smile is one you would not forget.  This is the smile of Zorba the Greek (Anastasis).  From that day a friendship was created with a super yogi.  He has no mobile phone and lives a humble simple life on the beautiful island of Crete.  Every year he welcomes into his home people from all over the world who he has met on his travels to experience the simplicity and beauty of his home and his way of life following the yogic scriptures and path.  His apartment overlooks the sea, with no furniture.  You can relax, read and practice on the floor.  Its the perfect place for yogis.  He has regular classes in a beautiful yoga studio in Chania where he welcomes everybody into his classes, those who can afford to pay and those who cannot.  Due to the crisis in Greece he now offers his classes for less than you pay in Chiang Mai. He does this out of his love for Yoga and his students.  He doesn’t want people to stop coming because of lack of money.

Coming from a professional dance career, Anastasis began studying yoga in 1994.  He has spent a lot of time in India and moved around studying with many different teachers and styles.  During his enthusiastic classes you will feel the presence of a joyful dance he takes you on.  Although he does not want to associate to one style or tradition of practice,  he states that his teaching is a synthesis of different traditions with the spirit and expression of “Zorba the Greek”, freedom, generosity, integrity, spontaneity, joy and inspiration with the state of grace of the dancer.

Words of wisdom from Zorba “I don’t know what yoga is.”

What to expect?  No long dharma talk! A flowing strong and dynamic practice with a creative dance twist not forgetting the breath.

An authentic yogi teaching from the heart in the moment!

At this year’s Bali Spirit Festival, Zorba the Greek was teaching with Danny Paradise, and at the BYC you will see the two teaming up together again, a cross between Shamanic Ashtanga with Zorba the Greek.



Picture this…. Its monday 8th July, BYC main program has finished, your exhausted, yet energised from all the wonderful Asana, kirtan and dance.  You take a breath, enjoy the moment and then think about what an amazing weekend you had.  Then your stomach starts to rumble,  did I manage to eat over the weekend?  With so many classes it’s often difficult to find time for eating nutritious food and consciously.  Part of a healthy yogic living should include being aware of what you are putting on and in your precious human body.  We are what we eat after all :-)  As we become more conscious on and off the mat, food should be a huge part of our practice.  Fortunately for us all you can join an amazing Raw Food class with Javier Medvedovsky (Espiritual Chef) & Daphne Tsatsou  (Tr00 Food Liberation) on Monday 10-13h & 15-18h at the BYC location, to learn about healthy food and conscious eating.

As I spend more and more time with True Foodies (Troo Food liberation) I find myself now following in Daphne’s (a kitchen goddess’) footsteps.  When I have a kitchen available I’m inspired to share great vegan tasty food with my friends and family.  So I advise you, fill your mind, heart and belly with a taste of raw food and then share what you have learned with those around you.

Daphne and Javier will be holding this workshop as an Introduction on Raw Food, germination, fermentation, soaking and dehydration without cooking on the fire, and love as the main ingredient to obtain a positive, healthy and experimental dish with unforgettable flavours.

Food that’s nutritious, super tasty and creative, real food for the soul.  Dont miss out, you’ve done enough asana instead feed your sole and your tum!

Good food is the answer, Raw Food is the way…. Sri Ram, Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram

daphne tsatsou barcelona yoga conference

Javier Medvedovsky barcelona yoga conference

Crete Yoga Holiday

Here are some pics from my last yoga holiday that I led at Kissamos Beach, Crete – May 21-28th.  Thanks to Zoe and her Mum for being the first to re-book from the previous year, they officially win the award of being the fastest bookers! Also to Kasey, Athina & Karrine for returning for another yoga holiday with me.  A big thanks to my Mum who came again and made it to nearly all the classes.  Also to Jill, Simone and Chris who took a risk coming on a yoga holiday with an unknown teacher and style.  Im so happy that everyone enjoyed the holiday and would return again.  Mike and his Mum make your stay so welcoming and homely that you feel you have to come back to see them.  I will be re-booking and leading the holiday again next May.  Check out

Falasana Beach - 10 mins from Kissamos

The Yoga Deck

Partner Yoga

Simone, Chris & Karinne - Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

Kissamos Beach,