Anusara Inspired Yoga Instructor

Anusara’s 1st principle is to see the beauty first, or celebration of the heart, looking for the good in people & all things. Most often our mind automatically goes to the negative, looking at the detail of life rather than seeing the bigger picture. That being that we are all part of a huge play of the universe & when we align ourselves with nature we feel more connected, aware & awake. Through yoga practices we are collectively helping ourselves, one another & our community wake up & we can see across the globe a huge rising of consciousness. For me the practice of Anusara was so inspiring & uplifting as it allows everyone to express their own divine essence of being. It openly celebrates one another’s unique differences, limitations, & talents & supports one another through community or Kula. It is a very uplifting & graceful practice. The Anusara kula is built on foundations celebrating individuality, creative freedom and diversity of experience. All are welcome, regardless of culture, ethnicity or religious background. All that is asked is an attitude of love, happiness and a willingness to open the heart.

The unique combination of philosophy & the freedom to joyfully express the light in each students heart during the practice of asanas has made for a powerfully uplifting and life-affirming experience for practitioners of Anusara Yoga. With love, devotion and blazing hearts those who align with the teachings are bringing a sense of playfulness and goodness to a world where people are so much in need of these qualities.

Anusara yoga merges Universal Principles of Alignment with Yoga Philosophy and a sense of creativity and fun. Every breath, every posture practiced on the yoga mat becomes a creative, artistic offering, adding more light, beauty and goodness to the world. Each student aligns with the Divine flow, the powerful grace, within themselves.

“Let the beauty we love be what we do” – Rumi